An Invitation to choose Life

“Modeh Ani,” “I give thanks” – with these words, Jews have begun their day, each day, for generations, opening their eyes and giving thanks for the gift of Life. An ancient custom from the land of Israel dictates that a person should say the words “Modeh Ani,” “I give thanks” three times a day so […]

Mi Sh'berach for Bar/Bat Mitzva for Days of War

May Hashem Who Blessed Our Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacoband Who Blessed Our Matriarchs, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leahand the Pioneers Who Built Up Our Land, and All the Heroes of Israel Protecting Our Home, ____________________ May He bless _____________________son/daughter of Who has reached the age of mitsvah and ascended to the Torah,For the honor of […]